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Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine has been formulated and tested by a physician, Dr Bob Chisolm, who has been testing various glucosamines for 11 years.  He has formulated a liquid glucosamine that has the perfect ingredients and the exact amount of each ingredient that has proven to be the most effective in helping people with joint pain and stiffness.

Furthermore, Drs Help is the only glucosamine in America that contains Aloe Vera.  Dr Chisolm has added 25% Aloe Vera to Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine to prevent the stomach problems that many people experience when taking glucosamine.  The “amine” in glucosamine is acid and thus is irritating to many people’s stomach and intestinal tract.  Dr Chisolm has eliminated this problem by adding 25% Aloe Vera to Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine.  As an additional benefit, Aloe Vera has many healing properties and provides a boost to the immune system.

Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine is being recommended by doctors who teach at the University of Texas Medical School, as well as by hundreds of other doctors in America.  It has helped thousands of people with joint pains, stiffness, inflammation and other joint problems.  Many people use it as a preventative to help keep arthritis from spreading to other healthy joints and to help maintain overall good joint health.

Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine is great tasting and is absorbed better than  tablets, capsules, and gels.  It delivers more glucosamine per dosage than the others, and it is the strongest dosage of glucosamine in America.  A person would have to take 4-6 tablets of 1000mg tablets per day to equal the glucosamine delivered to the body by 1 dose of Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine.  It is also the perfect solution for the millions of people who either cannot or do not like to swallow pills.  Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine offers the convenience of taking only one tablespoonful per day and you’re done.  No more swallowing all those pills.

Furthermore, Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine has the best price on the market, almost ½ the price of its competitors.

Be sure and read the frequently asked questions page about Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine and learn why Drs Help is beter than all the other glucosamines. Click here to read the Liqud Glucosamine FAQ.



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