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Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine - FAQ

1.  How does Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine help with the pain, stiffness, swelling, and inflammation of the joints?
It helps repair the damaged tissue caused by arthritis and other tissue injuries, thus reducing or eliminating these symptoms.

2. Will it interfere with other medications?
We have not found a single medication that caused a problem with it.  However, we recommend that you always talk with your personal physician before taking any supplement or medication.

3.  With glucosamine, do different people have to take different dosages?
No.  Don’t forget, this is a product found naturally in the body. The body makes glucosamine naturally from the foods we eat.  One size fits all.

4.  How long should I take Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine before I see positive results?
The length of time varies for each individual.  Two men who had severe problems with their joints due to repetitive joint trauma are good examples. Grady Allen (who is in the Texas A&M football Hall of Fame and was a linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons), had his pain disappear in 3 days.  Whereas, another gentleman, Carl Knox (who is in the TCU football Hall of Fame), had to take our product for 2 ½ months before his pain subsided.  Therefore, we tell people to continue taking it for 3 months if they haven’t seen results sooner.  Everyone should see positive results within the first 3 months.

5.  How long should I continue to take the Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine after my symptoms have disappeared?
We recommend that you continue to take it forever.  Once your body does not get enough glucosamine naturally in these joints, it will never make it there again. You should continue to take it for the rest of your life to prevent further damage to the cartilages and other tissues. With osteoarthritis, it’s a probability that the arthritis will show up eventually in other joints as well.

6.  Do doctors recommend taking Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine for joint problems?
Yes.  Many doctors now recommend it. Several doctors who teach at the University of Texas Medical School take it themselves and recommend it to their patients.

7.  Can diabetics take glucosamine?
Yes.  It has very little effect on their blood sugar.

8.  Is Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine  recommended only for the older people and people with arthritis?
It is for everyone.  Our joints are continually being subject to wear and tear and glucosamine is a major component in the body’s maintenance processes.  We have young people in sports as young as 13 years old taking our product.

9.  Why is glucosamine hydrochloride better than glucosamine sulfate?
Glucosamine hydrochloride delivers more active ingredient (glucosamine) to the body than glucosamine sulfate per unit dose.  Therefore, you don’t have to take as much of the hydrochloride solution and it is absorbed better.

10.  What people are most affected by arthritis and joint pain, and why?
Carpenters, joggers, plumbers, truck drivers, athletes, people who sew, people who work with computers, people who have had surgery in a joint, pianists, and many others.  Any type of repetitive movement can cause it.  Also, athletes who have had an injury or traumatized a joint.  Actually, many people have had some type of minor trauma and just don’t remember it.

11.  Can taking Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine prevent arthritis?
In our opinion, it might help prevent arthritis.  However, it has not been proven to do so yet.  We also believe that Drs Liquid Glucosamine could help shorten the healing time for soft tissue injuries.  This, too, has not been studied.  We are currently doing a study on the healing of injuries.

12.  How does Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine compare in price to the other liquid glucosamines on the market?
Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine has the lowest prices on the market. WalMart’s is priced at $15 for a 16 day supply.  Other companies sell their liquids for as high as $20 for a 16 day supply.  We sell Drs Help Liquid Glucosamine for $16 plus $6 S&H for a 32 day supply. (½ of the competitor’s price).

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