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T-Lite Extreme Energy

T-Lite Xtreme Energy

Each capsule is loaded with caffeine to get you going in the morning or to keep you going at night!

All Natural product!

Active weightloss ingredient: Chromium (as Chromodulin III)

Daily dosage: 2 capsules
Servings per bottle: 9 (18Ct) or 24 (48Ct)

T-Lite Energy

T-Lite Energy (90 Capsules)

Contains all the benefits of the T-Lite diet product

Coleus Forskohlii provides the weight loss benefits of ephedra without the negative side effects commonly associated with this stimulant

Has a high caffeine content to provide you with extra energy during the day

Dosage: 3 capsules a day
(1 capsule 20 minutes prior to breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

The T-Lite food supplement is formulated with natural ingredients that will increase your metabolism and help burn fats. These same ingredients will keep your body’s vitamins and minerals in balance while eliminating water weight.

When you take T-Lite, follow the provided three-day diet.
After four days, it may be repeated until you reach your target weight.

T-Lite may be used by people who have problems with diabetes, heart ailments, or high blood pressure. It will not interfere with existing health conditions or prescription medicine. Be sure to consult with your health care practitioner before starting any behavior modification program.

T-Lite Stimulant Free

All T-Lite products contain a unique chromium blend that maximizes bioavailability and helps regulate blood sugar, preserves lean muscle tissue, and aids in reducing fat deposits, plus natural sources of energy to improve metabolism and help the body burn fat more efficiently. T-Lite Stimulant Free is the preferred product for diabetics, pre-diabetics, and persons with high-blood pressure or heart conditions. T-Lite Stimulant Free contains natural sources of herbal energy without ephedrine. Our B vitamin complex helps to replace the vitamins you lose while dieting and helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

Daily Dosage: 2 Capsules a day
(1 capsule 20 minutes prior to lunch and dinner)



BeeReady is a chemical, dye, and preservative free supplement formulated to alleviate symptoms associated with over-consumption of alcohol. This supplement allows the body to process alcohol and reduce typical adverse affects of alcohol consumption such as liver damage and can also help reduce premature wrinkling caused by smoking.

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